Top Sober Colleges In The United States


Sober colleges can also be known as safe places especially for parents because they know their children can be safe there. College or university is a place where students do end up under bad influences which results in them trying drugs or alcohol at least once. After they start taking those bad things, their academic position keeps on lessening alongside their relationships with family. In a way, this destroys their future as well as their social status.

For this habit, academic institutions have set up college recovery programs. Most sober colleges especially, Augsburg University provide student residences for recovery so that it can give them security, and some peace of mind for their parents. They can easily send their kids off to college knowing that the risk of their substance abuse is high.

Some of the top sober colleges in the United States are given below so let’s check them out.

sober colleges

Top Sober Colleges In The United States-The List

One of the advantages of these sober colleges is that they prevent the students from attending events or parties where there are chances of rule-breaking i.e. alcohol drinking or illegal substance abuse. So the top most sober colleges in the United States are:

  • Brigham Young University:

This university is a well-known one as it has stood as the top cold sober university in the United States. The university is located in Provo, Utah, Birmingham University houses an estimated 31,233 students. According to some famous news reports, this university has maintained its sober rank for the past 21 years. It is strictly prohibited to take substances or drink alcohol on the campus plus there are programs where students are taught to prevent having these bad habits.

  • College Of The Ozarks:

A christian liberal arts college, it is located in Point Lookout, Missouri. Although it is a simple liberal arts college still, it maintains its ethics by being one of the sober colleges in the United States. Each year, this college enrolls 1508 students with a promise that no students shall be taking steps towards any bad habits. This college has a strict Zero Tolerance Policy against substance abuse. They have strict rules that the students are not allowed to smoke or drink even if they are of legal age and that too off-campus. There are penalties for those who are found to have drugs or substances in their possession.

  • Wheaton College:

Another college in the United States that have been maintaining the peace of their college through rules and recovery programs. This college is located in Wheaton, Illinois, and follows their biblical philosophies and considers drinking and substance abuse to be sins. Regular workshops, activities, and counseling are conducted to teach the students the risks of these bad habits. Undergraduate students are strictly prohibited to stay out of all this.


If the teaching of values and ethics is initiated by educational institutions, then it will also assure the students that there are people by their side who is ready to listen to them and support them through tough times