Risk and Benefits of Eyelash Extensions

If you’ve been thinking about adding extensions to your beauty regime, or you’re about to go for the big purchase – whether it’s just a simple pair of tweezers or an entire lash package – you should know more about the risks and benefits of training lash extensions before making your decision.

Benefits of eyelash extension

Eyelash enhancement has been around for centuries, but its roots can be traced back to ancient Rome when it was thought that flowers would bring good luck and increase one’s beauty. Over time, blossom technology developed, and now we have beautiful, long eyelashes, but the history of this procedure has been clouded by superstition and myths.

Eyelash extensions require a little more time than traditional mascara application, but the added attention gives you longer-lasting, smoother lashes that look natural and look as though you never applied them. If you’ve ever applied for extensions before, you’ll know how hard and time-consuming mascara is, which means that you may need a little extra time applying the extension glue.

The main difference between natural lashes and eyelash glue is that the glue goes on twice as fast, so your natural lashes will take twice as long to grow, making the overall application process seem almost like putting on eyeliner. You’ll notice that your eyes are noticeable when you go out wearing mascara. When you go for eyelash extension, it will give your eyes a more dramatic look.

Risks of getting eyelash extension

The risks you might encounter are mainly associated with the procedure itself, such as infection, allergic reaction, adverse skin reaction, hypersensitivity, and allergic reaction to glue used during the application of eyelash extensions. But is it really worth it to continuously wake up with an artificial flawless pair of semi-permanently lash extensions each day?

One of the biggest risks of eyelash extensions is the risk of having an adverse reaction when the extensions aren’t growing properly or when they fall out within the first few weeks. The best growth rates are reported to occur in the first six months of use, and growth slows down gradually over the next 2-4 weeks. While most extensions are growing and showing no signs of wearing off, it’s important to note that even with consistent use, your extensions are not flawless. Even the best quality extensions can eventually show slight flaws in color or texture if they aren’t properly cared for, so you should still pay close attention to them to ensure that they’re looking good at all times.

Removing these lashes from your eye can be difficult and can even cause irritation if you scrub too hard. The glue used to attach your new lashes to your natural lashes is thick enough that your makeup will adhere to it for a better result, but it can still be difficult to remove.

So, eyelash extensions have both of their risks and benefits. If you want natural-looking beautiful lash, you can go for lash extension.