Physiotherapy Methods That Aids Patients With Osteoarthritis In Daily Function


Osteoarthritis is a musculoskeletal disease that affects the ligaments and joints of the knees. The treatment continues for a long time; unfortunately, pain management becomes difficult for patients as one needs time and patience to tackle the pain. An osteoarthritis specialist can recommend some effective physiotherapies because sometimes a patient might suffer from the side effects of those medications.

osteoarthritis specialist

There are some holistic approaches through which osteoarthritis pain can be prevented. The surgeries and medications are indeed critical; however, effective physiotherapy techniques will help you lead everyday life a bit better. The physiotherapy techniques used in the case of osteoarthritis include pain management but improved balance, posture, and range of motion, respectively. Without any further ado, it is time to look at some holistic physiotherapies which prevent the pain of arthritis from creating any obstacle for you.

Physiotherapy Method Aid With Pain Management Of Osteoarthritis:

Therapeutic Ultrasound:

People with osteoarthritis can’t make their joints work right, and the pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritis lead to an imbalance that makes the body work inefficiently. You can use therapeutic ultrasound for better movement and pain management. The waves caused by the vibrations improve the motion function of the knee and relieve pain. The therapy needs to continue until the doctor says so.

Mobilisation Technique:

Also known as manual therapy, this technique can be used for knees and hips alike. It helps reduce pain but improves the motion of joints. The therapist exerts different pressure, which varies in strength with other parts of the joints. The pressure is also exerted on soft tissues and improves the movement of the joint.

Muscle Strengthening Exercise:

This physiotherapy is a bit complex and rare for doctors to recommend to patients. However, the effects are equally valuable in the long term. This treatment is a bit tricky because it needs to be conducted under the supervision of an expert. The equipment for this treatment includes therabands and weight cuffs alongside exercises with low bearing impact. The benefit of this treatment is that the joint function of the patient improves a lot. Moreover, it improves joint balance and function.


One of the most commonly used physiotherapies, this technique is used underwater, and improves mobility and balance at the same time.


There is one more therapy known as the cardiovascular technique, which is used on patients who suffer from osteoarthritis and cardiac diseases. The methods mentioned above have been the most effective way to manage osteoarthritis for a long time. Additionally, you will also be able to learn more about addiction treatment for the purpose of improving your health.