Addiction Treatment Options That Work


A person opts for substance abuse because they fail to cope with real-life struggles and pressures which occur in their everyday life. The overuse of these substances disables their logical thinking and impairs their emotions from the inside as well. This in turn ends up in the destruction of the person’s life as well as their family. So that this dangerous habit does not occur in anyone’s life in the future, effective recovery treatments are implemented by various rehabilitation centers like Aplaceto be. Various physical and mental exercises and training have used that help the recovering addict from relapsing into the dark pit.

What Is Substance Abuse?

Substance abuse includes drug addiction and alcohol addiction. These addictions can also be referred to as compulsive disorder. This disorder is more of a chronic disease that leads to uncontrollable or compulsive behavior that in turn results in self-harm or ultimately suicide as well. This disorder can be treated however that is not the main obstacle.

addiction treatment options

The fact that this condition can relapse is very threatening to the victim. These trainings enable the patient to control their impulse to go back to the life of addiction. So you see there is no secret recipe for treating addiction. The passion to recover has to come from the patient themselves. The treatment could be long term hence cooperation is a must as well. The overall treatment plan is to stop and try to stay away from drugs plus have quality time with friends and family.

However specific training and treatments are required to help recover from drug addiction. It is time to go through those treatments as well.

Clinical Treatment For Addiction Recovery:

  1. There is a term called detoxification where patients are treated for a long time to prevent them from abusing substances once again. Detoxification is the initial step to addiction recovery. It is also known as the withdrawal treatment but ultimately this treatment is not effective as it is the primary treatment.
  2. Secondly, there is another method of treatment known as relapse prevention and this requires routine medications given to the patients. Medications are widely available for alcohol addictions and other addictions such as tobacco, nicotine, opioid, etc. Some good medicines used to treat these addictions include Dolophine, Suboxone, Chantix, Campral, Antabuse, etc.

Behavioral Therapies For Addiction Treatment:

  1. The commonly used behavioral therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) where the emotional and behavioral patterns of the patients are altered towards positivity.
  2. Motivational Interviewing is a treatment where the patients get to share all of their pain and anger with the therapist in exchange for some motivation. The therapist gives motivation and helpful advice regularly which inspires the patient to at least try to get out of addiction.
  3. Therapeutic Community Treatment is where the patients get to stay at a recovery residence for a maximum of one year. Here each and every staff, and therapist work together to help a patient recover from addiction. This includes a mix of medication and motivational therapy as well.


The addiction recovery process is lengthy as the sufferings continue for a very long time. The medications and other psychotherapy will need some time in showing effect but the options given do work.