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Supplies You Should Always Have Handy on the Road

It is always good to be prepared for any challenge that comes your way, and it is especially important to carry certain things in your car should an emergency occur.

Pack the best car cover in your car and you’ll be safe, warm, and dry should something unexpected happen.

Your Common Sense

This may seem obvious, but common sense is especially easy to lose during a car emergency. Keep yourself calm in all situations with deep breathing and counting. Don’t do anything stupid such as accept a ride from a stranger or attempt to cross a freeway. Instead, get off the road, stay where you are or go someplace safe.

A First Aid Kit:

A small yet comprehensive first aid kit can be purchased at Target and Wal-Mart. Good kits include basic care for all types of injuries and an instructional book, and can be bought for $15-$50 dollars, depending on your specifications.

Your Cell Phone and Cell Charger

Always have a charged phone and a car charger so that you can contact the outside world anytime from your car. People who have driven into a ravine some dark night have been able to survive by calling for help via their cell phone.

A Couple Of Gallons of Water

Whether you get thirsty or you need to rinse chemicals from your eyes, water is simply a great thing to have around. Also I suggest you to always carry tonneau covers with your car when driving in a long way.

A Blanket or Space Blanket

If you get stranded, there is a chance you’ll be stuck somewhere cold, and a blanket will be much appreciated. Also, if you get in a situation where there is someone in shock or someone with hypothermia near you, your blanket might save her/him. Blankets can be used to move around injured individuals and to bind deep wounds as well.

Hand Sanitizer

Germs are everywhere, and who knows when your hands will get disgustingly dirty. Keep hand sanitizer around and you’ll drastically cut your chance of sickness and contamination.

GPS, Maps even a Compass

Carry any directional material- even an old-fashioned compass- will help you understand your general location if you do get hopelessly lost. Carry a local Thomas Guide with you, and find an affordable GPS at

Energy Bars

If you get stranded or just need something to eat, energy bars will keep you running for hours. Clif Bars are one great brand and can be ordered in bulk at


People and animals can be dangerous. Keep yourself safe. Mace is illegal in some places, so check out your local laws before buying any.

Swiss Army Pocket Knife

Pocketknives feature a variety of valuable tools in a very tiny case. Get one and you’ll be well prepared for many different situations.

Duct Tape, String, and Super Glue

Carry things that hold other things together- I guarantee these will come in use.

A Day Pack

Lastly, carry a daypack to hold all the above tools and to help you mobilize if you need to leave your car.I hope this list has given you some good ideas. Remember, whether you get lost in your car, crash your car, or come upon an emergency situation in your car, being prepared can save lives.

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