What is Eloquent Library Software?

Bibliophiles will love this amazing library management system that brings you all the features of a traditional ILS in a mobile-friendly format. This software supports a wide range of digital content that includes e-books, flip books, business documents, artifacts, videos, large maps, photographs, journals, PDFs, logbooks, scrapbooks, websites and more.

Eloquent Library’s base component gives you everything you need to get started. It enables you to catalog different types of resources and makes them instantly available on the web. The clients can use a mobile device or a browser of their choice to make all kinds of documents accessible on the Internet.

Two Optional Modules:

The library management software comes with two optional modules that can be easily activated when you are ready. They are Member Module and Branch Module. The Member Module provides you the ability to maintain demographics, enjoy various read/write functions, and access the specialized form of reporting.

Branch modules, on the other hand, make it possible for the related libraries to create a union catalog and provide global access to a few people and restrict other types of activities to the branch.

Highlights of the Eloquent Library management software:

•    It gives you online public access to all the library resources
•    It can contain eBooks and other types of digital materials
•    It controls the circulation of physical items
•    It makes subscription processing serially
•    It makes acquisitions possible with budgeting and currency
•    You can import and export MARC records using this software

Request a Free Demo and Technical Details:

You may also request for more information regarding the technical features of the software by filling up another similar online form on the homepage. You can also find several online guides, slideshows, and videos that tell users how to use the Eloquent Library software.

After you download the software, you simply need to run the Eloquent Library management system on your own server or use the Eloquent Cloud. Once the software is successfully installed, users get a 24/7 access to the software from anywhere in the world using their mobile device.

Eloquent Library is a part of the Eloquent WebSuite that comprises of four applications. The other three applications are Eloquent Archives, Eloquent Museums, and Eloquent Records. Each of these systems has been designed thoughtfully to make it easy for professionals to manage their jobs.

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