Upcoming Smartphones that will shake the Market

In the mobile phone segment, there is nothing certain. The mobile phone manufacturers always trying to improve the quality of the smartphones they make within the lowest possible price range. From the traditional bar phones to the latest smartphones, the manufacturers try to bring specialized features for the customer. Upcoming mobile phones always create the buzz around the people who awaits for the newer phones. Here are some upcoming mobile phones which are expected to launch in the market in the current year:

Asus Zenfone AR: Asus has showcased this smartphone at the CES 2017. The smartphone has a unique feature. After the failure of Google’s project Ara, Google is now working on “Tango”. Tango is a platform that enables the user to turn the device into augmented reality. Asus AR is going to be the first smartphone with Tango and Daydream VR.
HTC U/HTC Ocean: With the launch of HTC U Ultra it was thought that this is the Flagship from HTC for the year 2017. But HTC confirmed that this is not the end. The smartphone market is waiting for a more featured smartphone from HTC. Different rumors have said that the smartphone will have a different type of touch sensitive frame. This frame will be called the edge frame. One thing is to be certain that this is not going to be named as HTC 10.

Nokia 8: Nokia is a legendary in the mobile phone market. Nokia already created a buzz among the people with the launch of Nokia 6.There is a rumor that Nokia will launch a premium smartphone within the upcoming days. But there has been no confirmation from the side of Nokia. The Nokia 8 which is just a rumored name can sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset underneath with a 2k (1440*2560 pixel) display. All the other specifications remain uncertain.

Blackberry Keyone: With the failure of Blackberry Priv, blackberry is now coming to gain a percentage of the market share. An android phone which can do everything with a keyboard is the main concept here. Blackberry Keyone is the first phone under TCL. TCL is the new owner of Blackberry who previously was famous for making Alcatel phones. The confirmed details of Blackberry Keyone is it will have android apps support with type c fast charging system along with a 3GB RAM. Rumors said that the phone will sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 chipset paired with a 3400mah battery.

LG X Power 2: With the launch of LG G6, LG has provided their flagship for 2017 to the customers. But there is more coming from LG. LG X Power is popular for having larger batteries. LG X power is no different. It is rumored to have a 4500mah large battery with the support for the fast charging system. However, the processor and the other details of specification remains uncertain. Different sources suggested that there is an eight core 1.5 GHz processor with a 2GB of RAM. With LG’s optimization, LG X Power 2 is going to be a budget bang smartphone.

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