The Advantages of Disadvantages of the Liberty Generator

More and more people are seeking for alternative sources of energy, as the cost of electricity rises. There are also some products designed to help people on this. The Liberty Generator is one of these products. It allows you to produce energy at home from scraps. Abel Thomas, a farmer from Iowa is the creator of this. He claims it gives some amazing results. In this article, I will discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of the Liberty Generator.

The Liberty Generator

The Liberty Generator is an efficient biogas generator. It produces power using biogas. This power can be used for lighting and heating homes, cooking, and even for transportation. The claims are that, you can make it yourself at home under a few hours for less than $200.

What will you Get when you Buy this Product

The product we are discussing is actually plan for a biogas generator. You will get the following things.

  • A video guide for making your own generator.
  • A materials list. You might already have most of these.
  • A copy of Abel Thomas’ blueprints and instructions.
  • Instant access to everything.
  • Lifetime 24/7 customer service.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you return it within 60 days, you will get immediate refund. There will be no hassle,and no questions will be asked.

The Working Procedure of the Liberty Generator

You can build this generator in your own backyard. You just need to keep on feeding it organic biodegradable material or waste. These may be leftover food scraps, fruit and vegetable peels, grass, leaves, wood, or animal waste. The breaking down or decomposition of plant material or animal waste produces biogas. This is done mainly through two processes. They are: fermentation of organic matter and anaerobic digestion. Both of these methods are safe for our environment. The main part in the Liberty Generator is a biogas digester. The breaking down of organic waste matter happens in there. Bacteria eat and digest biodegradable material inside this tank. This process produces biogas.

The Advantages of the Liberty Generator

  • It will lower your electricity bill. The more gas you produce, the higher will your savings be.
  • The building process is simple. There are clear instructions of every step.
  • The method is 100% green. There is no environmental hazards.
  • Once built, it requires little upkeep.
  • It can provide an almost indefinite unlimited power source.
  • Even as it uses organic waste, biogas does not produce smell.

The Disadvantages of the Liberty Generator

  • People living in urban area may face difficulties getting organic materials for decomposition.
  • It will not cut your electricity bill. For that, you need to use very little power.
  • Some people may find it expensive to build. Because, there are price differences of building materials and equipment needed.
  • It requires a reasonable amount of space outside your home.

The Liberty Generator can be very cost-effective and helpful. You just need to use it wisely.

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