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talent list

If we talk about talent list then it is long list but most of your people like to be a model ,actor ect. Many agents are former actors that now help upcoming and wannabe actors. Who better to help guide a young would be actor or actress than someone who has been down that same path?

Many agents that represent kids are not only former actors and actresses but also want to help kids get an honest chance and honest advice. Many laws and rules have changed to protect young people from being exploited and many of today’s agents have seen through  first hand experience how children were formerly taken advantage of and are now advocates for child actors. A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • Does your agent interact well with your child?
  • Do they profess their love for their work?
  • Does the agent represent any successful actors?
  • Is the agent franchised with the Screen Actors Guild?

What is an agent’s role?

Your child’s agent’s role is to send your child out for auditions for potential acting roles. The agent also negotiates the terms of the agreement. Some agencies are in the business of representing children only while others may have many clients but have a children’s department. The most important thing is that the agent gets the daily list of projects through franchising with the Screen Actors Guild.

talent list

How to find a large number of agents from which you can choose?

You want to look in an area that has more than one or two agents so you can make a weighed decision. In terms of agent quantity, you’ll find the most successful and highest number of agents in:

  • Hollywood
  • New York

The greatest number of available roles will obviously be in these two cities as well. Hollywood is the most and New York being the runner up. Agencies in both cities field a lot of calls and visits on a daily basis from parents all over the U.S that want representation for their young future star or starlet.  Many parents who are serious about getting their child the best possible opportunities in the industry are willing to relocate to either Hollywood or New York.


Even if you’re sure that your child will be a success. It might not be wise to simply uproot your family straight away. It could take a long time to help your child build their acting career. You also need to note that by law, there’s only a specific amount of your child’s earnings that you’re allowed to spend.

The rest has to be saved for your child until they reach a certain age. You cannot finance things from your child’s earnings alone. Most parents find that they need to have a solid income such as a two parent family with one working parent so that the other can manage the child’s career and take them to auditions. It can be difficult in single parent families or families where both parents need to work because the pressure of waiting for auditions and traveling to attend them can be difficult to manage with jobs and other children and responsibilities. It’s not an easy and glamorous life. If a parent has been transferred to one of those big cities, it can be a great opportunity when a child is interested in the business. In this case, it’s a great idea to start looking for local representation!

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