Some Basic Plumbing Ideas

Plumbing is a very essential part of life. Everyone needs different kinds of supplies including gas and water becoming the most common. To maintain an uninterrupted flow of utilities like water and gas, pipes and pipe fittings are used. There are different materials available for these pipes and pipe fittings. Steel is one of the most popular materials for fittings. There are different types of fittings that serve various purposes like steel elbow helps to turn the flow direction. Elbow helps to manage the water flow to another direction from the direction it was going to. Like elbows, there are different kinds of fittings and materials.

To control the flow sometimes valves are used. Some people consider valves as fittings and some people does not. They like to call valves on a separate category. Fittings can be made from steel or plastic both. Generall plastic fittings are called PVC fittings. Steel fittings have the most common steel, then there is stainless steel and for the most extreme tasks, there is carbon steel. Most of the time valves are made with stainless steel or brass. This helps with the longevity of the valves.

The building code is a very important thing to consider. There are different kinds of building codes that require that people use specific materials for specific tasks. You cannot deny the rules of the local authorities if you are making a house or industry in that area. These rules are made for protection. For extreme heat or temperature, heavy duty carbon steel is necessary. PVCs are always a No for any kind of hot liquid or gas transportation system. Also, vibration and stress handling ability are considerable factors.

Common materials for pipes and fittings are steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, brass, CPVS, and PVC. Fittings are commonly available in tees, elbows, crosses, caps, nipples, barbs, plugs etc. These fittings cover all the shapes and sizes necessary for system development. However, if you need a higher size, then you might need to order your size to a manufacturer.

For your local building codes, you can easily consult the local government area or visit a plumber. Local plumbers are good but it is better if you visit them with someone’s recommendation. Otherwise, there is always a chance that you will come with some delusional information that you do not need.

When you are planning your plumbing system, ask your plumber for some clear outs. Clear outs are specific areas that are kept on a system so that the system can be cleaned easily. You can easily clean a system from that clean out point. You do not need to open the whole system. Cleanouts are usually places in strategically easier accessible points. A plumber knows these points based on his/her experience. Usually, clean outs are a screw on caps no matter the whole system is on socket joint on butt weld joint.

These are some basic ideas about pipes, fittings, and plumbing. When you are planning your house or industry this information might be helpful.

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