Ibeek solar charger

About solar Charger

The solar charger uses solar power to produce electricity. It uses the photo-electric effect to convert solar energy into electricity. We all know that solar energy is always available unlike other electricity-producing sources like wind or water force. The solar panel is used here to obtain energy from the sun. So, it is the main part of a solar charger. Depending on the material structure, the solar panels can be of three types. These are:

  • Mono crystalline solar panel: This is the best among other three solar panels. It is the smallest one with highest efficiency level. Its efficiency level can be up to 19 percent. Their only drawback is they are very expensive comparing to other solar panels.
  • Polycrystalline solar panel: It is the second best solar panel and is considered as the standard solar panel which is acceptable in the UK. The best thing about this panel is that it is not as much expensive as the monocrystalline solar panels but their efficiency level is almost the same. Nowadays, their size and level of heat tolerance are also the same as monocrystalline panels. So, this solar panel is the ideal one after considering the efficiency level and the cost.
  • Amorphous solar panel: Also known as the thin film panel, this solar panel produces the lowest level of efficiency. This is manufactured using the lowest amount of silicon cells, so these solar panels are the cheapest one.

Advantages of solar chargers

A variety of solar chargers is available in the market. They are designed differently for different products. But most of them are convenient and can be carried anywhere. These solar chargers are mainly used nowadays to charge mobile phones, flashlights, compact audio devices and much more. The advantages you will have when using solar chargers are:

  • As the portable solar chargers are not too heavy, you can carry them to the office, school or during traveling.
  • These chargers use solar power to recharge themselves. So, you can also use them when traveling to rural places or during tenting in a forest.
  • The solar chargers can store electricity, collected and converted using the sun rays. So, you can use them multiple times.
  • Sun rays are available everywhere and you don’t need to pay for that. So, when using the solar energy you can save electricity maintenance cost.
  • The solar panels used nowadays are water-resistant, so you don’t need to worried about the rain when charging your solar panels outside.
  • Solar chargers are also eco-friendly.

Tips to buy solar chargers

As I have already mentioned before you will find a number of solar chargers available in the market nowadays. But all of them are not good. If you don’t know what to check when buying solar chargers, you may end up having a poor quality solar charger. The features that you should check before buying a solar charger are:

Solar Panels

This is the most important part of the solar chargers. And you already know that solar panels can be of different types. When buying solar chargers you should focus on two things in solar panel. These are (a) the material used in the solar panel and (b) the solar panel power.

Amorphous silicon cells and crystal silicon cells are used to manufacture solar panels. Between them, the crystal silicon cells can provide you the best service. Crystal silicon cells can also be of two types: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. Though mono-crystalline solar panels are the one with highest efficiency level, the polycrystalline solar panels are the best option considering the expense and efficiency level. The solar panel power mainly depends on the size of the chip. The more the power, the better the solar panel is.

Control Circuit

The control circuit is the place where solar energy is collected and transferred into electricity. So, poor quality control circuit results in the poor quality solar charger. To check the control circuit you need to pay attention to the second conversion rate and discharge efficiency of your chosen product.

The Battery

The battery is another important thing where the electricity is stored. If grade B battery is used, the battery will die early. So, don’t forget to check the battery quality when buying solar chargers.

Considering these facts ibeek solar charger can be a good choice. The best features of these chargers are:

  1. It uses 10000mAh capacity lithium battery. So, you don’t need to worry about the battery quality.
  2. These are super rainproof, shock resistant and dust proof.
  3. It has a long lifespan with more than 500 recharging times.
  4. These are compact and convenient.
  5. The ibeek solar charger comes with a hook. You can attach it to your backpack when traveling. So, no extra space is needed.
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