How gaming can make a better world

Can video games be good against certain disorders? Recent studies show that yes, as long as we make rational use of them. Your benefits will surprise you. Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment around the world. But, regardless of the fun they provide, can they have any health benefits? It seems that yes, as shown by a large number of studies, and as long as there is no abusive use. One of the best known is that they keep your mind in shape, but there are others that may surprise you. Video games are generally beneficial for the individual gamer and society at large.Yeah Video games can make a better world but for good experience you should buy a Good Gaming PC with best 140mm fans for radiator for your CPU cooler.

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Improve attention span
Certain action games could become a good tool to focus attention on what we are seeing, which would help improve our reading ability. It is one of the main conclusions of a study carried out by scientists. In fact, previous studies suggest that video games could help combat disorders such as dyslexia, the researchers say.

Increase visual acuity
Scientists have proven how video games help young adults with lazy eye look less blurry. Thanks to them, research participants suffering from this disorder (known medically as amblyopia) increased visual acuity by 30% on average. This research opens a new door in the treatment of amblyopia in adulthood. Many ophthalmologists discarded successful treatments in patients over 8 years due to the widespread belief that this disorder can only be reversed while the visual cortex is developing.

Helps relieve pain
Pain works in a complex way, and sometimes the person who feels it enters a spiral from which it is difficult to leave. By continually thinking about it, the pain increases. But video games can help break that chain. There are several studies that support this idea. And the key, according to a report published in the British Medical Journal, seems to be in the high degree of attention that this type of games demand. By focusing on them, we stop paying attention to our pain sensation, and this is reduced. The effect has been successfully tested, for example, in children undergoing chemotherapy: video games helped them to suffer less nausea and to take fewer analgesics.

Aids in physiotherapy
Well used, video games can be a great (and fun!) Way to recover mobility after a fracture. Or they can even contribute to improving coordination, reflexes, and balance in people who have suffered a stroke and also in patients with serious neurodegenerative disorders such as multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s.

Helps resolve conflict
Video games pose a large number of challenges and problems that must be solved quickly. But can this “virtual” training help to gain agility in making decisions also in real life?  Scientists have tested it in emergency physicians. And they have done so by creating a specific video game for them, in which the protagonist is precisely a doctor of this specialty. After an hour playing the videogame, the decision-making of the doctors was better and faster than that of those who reviewed traditional didactic material.

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