Everything You Need to Know About the Security Window Films Industry

To protect the window of your house or car from the intruders and any uninvited situation, there is no alternative of security window film. These film holds the glass in place so it takes time to take access to your cars or your home for the criminals. Often the window slows the criminals enough to alarm the owners and take necessary steps. Also, these films can protect the glasses from natural disaster, burglars or any type of accidents.


Protecting your window glasses has become much easier and less costly with security films. It is such an investment that keeps on returning after installation. Different types of security films are available but most of them are of 4, 7 and 9 mil thickness. The films are clear, high-tensile polyester with a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one side.


Different types of security window films


As mentioned earlier security films can be of different types depending on their thickness. Generally, the security films consist of one or more layers of polyesters. These layers are laminated together with special adhesives. Typically, these films range from 4 mils to 14 mils or more. Multiple layers of thinner films are joined together to make a thicker film. The adhesives and the films differ depending on the desired characteristics of the window film.


These films come with various types of packages. The most common packages are 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” in width and 50-100 feet in length. Generally, the strength of the film depends on its thickness. The thicker the film is, the more its degree of break strength, tear strength and puncture strength becomes. But the thicker films costs more than the thinner one.

The security films are mostly installed to protect the glasses from sun rays and any obstacles. For such reasons, the thinner films are used. The thicker films are only used at higher threatening places where stronger security is required.


Benefits of Security Window Films

If properly applied the benefits that you can get from the security films are:


  • These films increase the strength of the window glasses.
  • When the window breaks due to any reason like the bomb blast or natural disaster, security films can reduce injuries caused by flying glasses.
  • Several types of these films can also provide benefits like reducing heat, providing protection from the UV rays and many others.



How To Install

Security window films are generally installed on the inner side of the window. The films are attached to the windows using adhesives. It needs to be done carefully to avoid any type of crease and air bubbles. The installation process requires higher level skills and that’s why it is mostly done by the professionals. Generally, three types of methods are used to install these films.


  • The Daylight Method: This method is mostly used and is appropriate for the thinner films. In this method, the film is applied leaving a little gap between the edge of the film and the window frame. This method provides a reasonable degree of protection to the glasses but when higher protection is required this method is not much effective.


  • The Mechanical Method: For higher threat environments this method is used to install films. In this method, the window film is applied to glass without cutting the edge. The films are attached to the frame mechanically using metal batten strips. The film is attached to one, two or all the four sides of the window pane according to the required strength.


  • The Wet Method: This method is almost like the daylight method but is more effective than the previous one. The edge gap left is less than the daylight installation process. After that, a bread of special adhesive sealant is applied on the all four edges which creates a strong bond between the frame and the film.
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