Cordless Makita Power Tools & Lithium-Ion Technology

Makita Power Tools Corp. has been on the reducing edge in the growth of more recent and much better cordless tools for many years, and lithium-ion battery modern technology is yet among their latest payments in this sector. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster, hold far more juice, and that indicates even more time utilizing your cordless tool as well as much less time worrying with it.

Not All Lithium-Ion Batteries coincide

Just what many people are entirely uninformed of though, is that lithium-ion batteries been available in several types as well as degrees of high quality. What this means, is that materials made use of, and also manufacturing strategies utilized planned for them, do influence their general condition as well as power storage ability.

Well, that Sure Clarifies a Lot!

The lithium-ion batteries that remain in all Makita power tools are generated under the strictest standards, as well as made with only the finest quality materials available.

Have You Heard About the Memory Result?

Even the most powerful LI batteries can have their operational lives shortened by poor maintenance though, as well as everything starts with the very first cost. You see all cells of this type do have just what is called a “memory,” so to ensure peak performance; it’s ideal if they are billed and drained pipes entirely with each use usage.

Appropriate Treatment of Batteries in Makita Power Tools

Naturally, this truly isn’t functional during normal daily usage, so it is suggested that batteries in Makita power devices be drained pipes then completely recharged back up, every 2 to 3 weeks or so.

If you’re going to Store them, workout Your Batteries

Last but not least, ensure to remember that if your cordless devices are to be stored for an extensive amount of time, make a point of reenergizing or “exercising” the batteries in them every couple of months. It might sound silly, but once the cells are worn in your Makita power tools, they cannot be resuscitated.

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