Boost up lash growth technology

Women are always trying to keep themselves beautiful from top to bottom. They use so many artificial things to make them more beautiful. Eyelashes are one of the. Women usually preferlong eyelashes. Some have natural long eyelashes and some uses artificial long eyelashes. But women like to have their own thick and long eyelashes. To grow thicker, longer and strong eyelashes you need to take some care to your eye lashes. But most of the women usually don’t think about it.They think as like other hair it will grow by its own. Because of not taking care of it they don’t grow as like you want. Some women use some medicine or serum to grow their eyelashes. But, not all medicines are appropriate for that. Using wrong kind of serum or medicine may cause fall off you eyelashes.

But you need to know that there are several stages in growing eyelashes. In all these stages eyelashes grows its own with it its own speed. But you can control this growth of eyelashes by caking proper care of it. For that you have to do something and you have to leave something. Before knowing what to do in taking care of your eyelashes, we need to know about the stages of hair growth. There are three stages of hair growth. They are-

• Active Growth Stage: It is the longest phase of hair growth stage. It is also called Anagen Phase. This stage may last on an average three to five year. In this stage hair growth is one-half inch per month. But it varies from person to person.
• Dormant Stage: In this stage hair active growth ends. It’s last about ten days to two weeks.
• Falling Stage: This stage may last one to four months. This is a resting phase where follicle remains inactive. In this stage some of you hair will fall out.

Eye lashes growth depends on genetics. For the genetic differences some people’s lashes grows more quickly than the others. But there are some other things you can do to grow you eye lashes. There are some people who use something to take care of their eye lashes. This actually may harm your eye lashes. You need to stop doing that harms your eyelashes. You can do something that really helps in growing long, thick and strong eyelashes. They are-

1. You should sleep well, eat nutritious food and drink a lot of water.
2. Always keep you skin clean and oil free. Excessive oil in the skin slow down the growth of eye lashes.
3. Brush your eyelashes gently and use a clean eyelash brush to do that.
4. Try to use eyelash serum that is clinically approved. This will ensure you longer, ticker, strong and beautiful eyelashes.
5. Abstain from rubbing your eyes.
6. Don’t use fake eyelashes.

As like taking care of our body, we need to taking care your eyelashes too. In using serum boost up your eyelashes growth you need to read the lash boost reviews of the women who used the serum and what is their feedback.

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